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We are the hairdressers choice for quality education and tools!  We have everything you need to make you hairdressing experience the best everyday.   All of our tools are uniform in color, Black or Silver. (Every now and then we will throw a gold specialty in there.)

For years we have been calling Stylist and salons across the country and we found the common bond, regardless of social stature , was their desire for QUALITY education and tools.
Each and every Hairdressers loves their tools! So, we decided to make the best tools we could for our HAIRDRESSING COMMUNITY!

Our Story


Jeff Caudell

Founder & CEO

Jeff Graduated from ROFFLER Barber College in 1989. He worked in Barber Shops and Salons for many years until the bug bit him to sell Paul Mitchell products. He sold to many salons in the South East Area for the Paul Mitchell distributor for that area. He then went to work for FRAMESI Hair color and experienced a new group of salons, mainly high end, and started noticing then what hairdressers loved, Their Tools.

Jeff soon opened MODA BRANDS a boutique, high end product distribution company. From there he continued his research on the what, why, and how hairdressers used their tools for their craft. Then one day all his years of research came to fruition. THE HAIRDRESSERS TOOLS was born.

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